Fuel Calculator

To calculate how much delta-V a certain amount of fuel gives you, use the delta-v calculator instead.



We want to get the stock craft "Ion-Powered Space Probe" from the surface of the Mün into an orbit around it. We will need the following parts:

This gives us a total dry mass of 0.63t + 0.1t + 0.1t + 0.015t = 0.845t. The engine we chose has an Isp of 320kn in vacuum, and the delta-V map specifies that we need about 580 m/s to get from the Mün's surface into a 13km orbit.

As we can see from the calculation, one full Oscar-B should be enough to get us there. We can now repeat the calculation with a more accurate dry mass (one fuel tank instead of four) for a more accurate result.